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New Beginnings

Every time I turn around I feel like I'm at a new beginning =) My business has seen 3 logo changes in 9 years. Things have always ran in three's for me! I have rebuilt my website twice and added a new additional website for art gallery. I am thankful for domains! No matter where you go, the domain stays the same! Those domains are =)

Well recently I decided to re-add a 3rd domain. I actually had this domain back in 2019, but the plans didn't go so well, so here we go again!

Chances are you are reading this very blog from that domain! If you are not reading it from the domain, you are reading it from the mobile app connected to that domain, even better. Here's that app if you desire to share it.

So what in the world am I doing these days???

That's a very good questions and I would love to answer it! My life took a turn in 2020 (didn't it for all of us?) This change made me walk away from my business and take on a job outside of my home. From Jun 2020-February 2022, that was pretty much all I did, work outside the home.

May 2021 I had a redirect in my life that took me in a new direction and February 2022, it brought me right back to my business at Momma's. I reached out to my faithful customers and said, "I could use some help for awhile, until I find another job." Well, little did I know they would remind me that I had a job and that they were just a moment away from helping me getting back on track.

So there I am! Back in business February 2022. AND what do you know, Facebook throws a monkey wrench in my path that derailed me. My FB account of 9 years, was hacked. While I await the status of rather or not FB is going to give it back to me, my business group on FB was severally ghost-towned. My posts disappeared. It was as if my business and the last 9 years of word had simply been taken away from me. I relay on this business and for me to give up now would be defeat. I remembered a few years ago that I had joined the Wix App platform. Given, at the time, it was very new and let's just say had a lot of issues that didn't meet me.

That was the summer of 2019, let's fast forward to 2022. The app has taken off leaps and bounds and so much has changed. So here I am trying to make the app my new home since Facebook is out to remove me.

Is Facebook out to remove me, it sure feels like it! Seems like the more I post on my business the more they stop me. Here's to new beginnings. Who knows what awaits me this time around. I am blessed to say I have a great deal of followers who aren't leaving me. I look forward to bringing in new people and growing it up yet again! Sara

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