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Do you have a URL for that?

I had a customer not too long ago asked me if I had my own URL for that. I know she meant well, but it set a feeling of guilt in me. I have changed my website 3 times now. All for valid reasons. Hopefully this time it will be the final. While yes, I do have a new URL for that, no, it hasn't changed at all. The original Momma's J.A.M. Pack Crochet Word Charts was the website name: The obvious complaint was it was too long to type. However, it's easy to remember. ;) The next website was lowered down to just what I sell "Crochet Word Charts" and that one became:

Well recently I changed it up again. I promise you it can't get any shorter than the abbreviations =) I simply shorted crochet word charts to 3 letters =) So the question then remained, "Well what about all your other URLS?" Yes, I have more. I'm sorry =) I have the Art Gallery.

Then there's YouTube and others. SO with that being said, I officially have a LANDING PAGE! This is the MAIN page where everything is linked to one. If you don't want to remember my Plethora of URLS, you can remember this one! Momma's JAM Pack Crochet Word Charts Landing Page is what you already know: Please visit the redirected page today and check everything out =) All from one spot!! The good news is you already have the page saved! Nothing new to add or delete or change. Happy Hooking ;)

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