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Mental Health Awareness Month- 2 Word Charts

This is not a topic I take lightly. Admitting such a thing leads one to believe you are weak or incapable. I have battled depression. I have battled anxiety. I have battled doubt. I still battle it all. I still question what do sometimes, but I haven't given up. I remind myself that God has given me a new day every day and it's up to me ultimately how I get through it. NOTHING is easy about depression, anxiety, or doubt. It will consume you allow it.

Crochet has been a very strong outlet for me. It allows me to express my creativity. Designing word charts is a passion, it's not just a business. It allows me to apply that lost energy in a positive way! May is Mental Health Awareness Month. I've added a Standard Butterfly and a Heart Pillow to the "Just Because Charts" Group. Check them out!

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Jun 14, 2022

I would like this pattern too


Stephanie Madrid
Stephanie Madrid
May 31, 2022

How do I get the pattern

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