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Can I catch a break?

It's June 1st. WOW, can you believe 2022 is almost half way done with? What can I say? I hope I can catch a break before the end of the year! Where do I begin? Since my return to Momma's in February, I've rec'd many notifications that my account on FB has received "Community Standard" Violation warnings. Say what?? May 14th, my FB account (of 9 years mind you) was hacked. I reported it hacked. It took 15 days to get the password reset. Fantastic!

I log in and I'm told that my account has been disabled as of May 14th and I have 15 days left to dispute it. Seriously? My account, of 9 years, has been disabled? Again, violation of community standards!

NOTHING like this has even happen to me in 9 years of having FB. I return in February 2022 and I get blown out of the water with violations. So fast forward to May 14th. I decided to revisit the Wix App that I set up in 2019. Lots of neat updates since then! I'm really impressed with the growth of the app. Group Feed. YES! The app officially has the ability to see all of your posts in one scroll. I think this is a game changer for the app. After all, that's why people gravitate towards FB. They get all the news and gossip in one page! Well, no gossip here. Only awesomeness from Momma's J.A.M. Pack Crochet Word Charts. BUT I still need to catch a break. While this app is a new beginning, I've lost a lot from moving off FB. I've gone from 3400 followers to 300 with a membership group of only 96. I'm trying to keep my head up and stay positive! Just seems like I'm getting hit at all areas at once! BUT I'm still thankful! I'm thankful to those devoted fans that continue to reach out to me and continue to use my services. It's those faithful fans that keeps Momma's going. For that I am thankful!! Have a wonderful June everyone!!!

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